Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Solutions

We provide a complete Fire Alarm system solution, which will give you a peace-of-mind which is incomparable to any other. The major components of a Fire Alarm System are:

Main Control Panel

The most important part of the system, it is connected to all fire detectors via wired loops. The looping is such that if any detectors fault out - the main panel will give a loop open or short signal. This enables to know immediately when the Fire Alarm System is not functioning correctly.

Conventional / Addressable Smoke Detector

The smoke detector senses the presence of smoke and warns before the fire starts. Mounted on ceilings, an alarm gets generated through the hooter, when it detects smoke.

Conventional / Addressable Heat Detector

The conventional heat detector is designed with the state of the art combination of "Rate-of-Rise" and "Fixed-Temperature" operation, which ensures the best quality of heat detection in all environments.

Manual Call Point

Ideally placed at entrance/exit points, this is a manual alarm. When a fire or smoke is spotted, the glass cover can be broken to generate an alarm.

Response Indicator

A response indicator is device that gives remote visual indication of the fire alarm going off, if the detectors are placed in areas that are not visible easily.